Recent Developments

The City of North Adams is excited about the recent developments for the restoration of the Mohawk Theater. Early in the process, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts committed $500,000 of state funding which helped finance the architectural, design and engineering work on the massive restoration. The City provided the required matching funds in order to bring this phase to fruition.

Following that, the City's Office of Community Development sent out a Request For Proposals (RFP's) for the design work. Interest and competition for the project was intense. Fifty firms from all over New England requested RFP's - some as far away as Washington, D.C., Ohio, and Maryland. An "Open House" viewing session was recently held and interested firms got their first glance of the building's interior.

With the sudden influx of funding from the Commonwealth, the project gained some unexpected visibility in Berkshire Home Style magazine which included an interview with the Mayor and a major update on the project.

The RFP process is now complete, and the City is happy to report that quality proposals were received from seven architectural firms, and the project was awarded to the firm of Finegold Alexander & Associates, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts. They in turn completed an idealized master plan to secure the property, upgrade its systems, restore its decorative details and to repair and restore the building to its original beauty, inside out. That is Phase I. Also included was a major (and expensive) addition to the facility to include an enlarged stage, dressing rooms and other facilities to allow for its potential use as a presenting theatre. This is still under discussion as Phase II.

Phase I is now underway, and is expected to be completed in late Summer 2009.