Welcome To The Mohawk Theater

Take a moment and imagine that it is November 5, 1938.  It is the premiere opening of the new Mohawk Theater on Main Street in North Adams - an original E.M. Loew family "Flagship Theater".  Attending the night's festivities will be Elias M. Loew himself to kick off what will become one of the premiere movie houses in the area.  The opening night advertisement read:

What an event it will be!  The band playing and the lights shining and the happy throngs pouring in from every part of North Adams and vicinity to share in this glorious festival of joy!

A souvenir bottle of perfume was given as a gift to every lady that evening through the compliments of "Rich's Cut Rate."  Programs handed out at that time would have looked as follows:

Program CoverProgram Page OneProgram Page Two 

Price of admission to this wonderful festivity would have been a mere 20 cents for an adult, and children would always pay the same low price of 10 cents.  If one had to call the theater, one would have had to dial only 151.

Over seventy years have passed since this gala opening.  Movie prices are much different today, and movies are shown at multiplex cinemas often far away from downtown.  A phone call to the theater, whether by land-line or cell phone, would require many more than three digits, but even more likely one would go on-line to find out what is playing.  So much has changed, but what has stood the test of time, fortunately, is the Mohawk Theater building itself including all its art deco features from 1938.

The Mohawk Theater is part of the fabric of North Adams - a critical piece of the City's heritage that is waiting to be rebuilt.  One can envision a future grand reopening that will be as exciting, if not more, as its counterpart way back in 1938.  Help become part of this rejuvenation and make a pledge towards this most exciting rebirth!

This website is dedicated to the restoration of the Mohawk Theater.  Please take a few moments to browse through the site to learn more about this wonderful piece of history.  Hopefully, you can help make it a reality.